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Finland is made of magnetic opposites. Between urban and rural, the capital and the rest, winter’s darkness and summer’s endless light. Book your trip to Finland, and...

In the past few years, Finland became an educational and technological reference. But 75% of the territory is made of trees — this is Europe’s most florestal country!

Find the people

It’s in the urban area of the capital Helsinki that a great part of the 5 million Finns concentrate. But there are well kept secrets: Porvoo, the medieval city with the red warehouses by the river. Or the coast city of Loviisa, where we go back to the XVIII century and the church is a neo-gothical treasure.

Activate the senses

The four seasons blossom in all splendour, with different temperatures, colours and perfumes. Beauty is greater in the winter months and Santa Claus Village, in Laponia, is a major success. Like Levi, the most wanted ski resort. And when in Finland, the sauna is a must do. After all, there are 2 million in the whole country.

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Find Finland

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