South Africa

On the far south of the African continent, one country dips its feet where the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet. South Africa is a real passport to adventure.

South Africa

South Africa is a real passport to adventure.
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Be amazed by its beautiful landscapes and wildlife
With almost 3,000km of coastline, South Africa is full of breathtaking landscapes and is the perfect location for nature lovers, ecotourism, surfing and safaris. From watching the wildlife in Kruger Park to the vineyards and extreme sports in Cape Town, this country is a mosaic of interests. South Africa is also one of the African countries with the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Discover its vibrant and cosmopolitan cities
With English as its official language, South Africa officially recognises another 11 in this multi-ethnic country. Pretoria is the capital of the executive, with Cape Town and Bloemfontein the legislative and judicial capitals, respectively. There is also Johannesburg, with its Apartheid Museum and the Hector Pieterson Memorial and Museum, and Durban, with its beautiful Temple of Understanding and perfect waves for surfing, which are must-see destinations.
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