Lisbon and Porto are now closer to each other

TAP is now bringing Lisboa and Porto closer to each other, with daily and hourly flights. Per day, you have at your disposal 16 flights in each direction. With competitive and friendly prices, we assure you all the comfort you will need during your trip. In order for you to gain some extra time and have the best flying experience between the two largest cities in Portugal, we have created exclusive check-in counters for passengers that are using this service and, in Lisbon, a special pathway properly marked to the boarding gate, so that you can board in a quicker and simple way. Oh... and in case of any last hour complications, we will make it easier for you to change your tickets. It seems a piece of cake, right? Well, it is!
One day in one of the two cities, memories forever

With this new way of traveling, you can gain some extra time and enjoy all the enchantments and wonders of both cities. Take note of our suggestions and include them on your itinerary, either you are considering to visit the beautiful Lisbon or the fascinating Porto

Destination: Lisbon, between its beautiful hills and the streets of saudade

The first flight to Lisbon is at 5:50 am (only available on Mondays), and arrives at 6:50 am (only available on Mondays) but if you don’t want to get on a plane so early in the morning, you have flights per hour (until 09:30 pm) to choose from. For example, you can take the 8:35 am flight and arrive at your destination 1 hour later. That will give you enough time to discover Lisbon with the time that the city deserves.

We don’t know when it was the last time you have visited Lisbon (or even if you have ever been in the city), but this Portuguese corner, with a lovely view to the river, has been changing, in a good pace, without losing the best things that still define it: its authenticity, charisma and its special light. Calm and agitated, sometimes melancholic and othertimes a very happy city, it truly knows how to welcome. It’s classic but modern, artistic and musical. In the end, a place where we are always willing to come back.

Lisbon at the dawn (as the song says) has soul and it’s in all its places. We suggest you start your day in Belém. Located by the Tagus River, it is one of the most visited places in the Portuguese capital and also is where are sited some of the monuments that recall the era of the Portuguese discoveries — the Belém Tower, the Padrão dos Descobrimentos (the monument of the discoveries) and the Jerónimos Monastery.

It’s time to take a nice breakfast. For that we suggest you go to the place that serves the world’s most famous pastéis de nata (a typical cake made with a very special pastry and cream): we are talking about the pastéis de Belém, of course! You cannot visit this part of the city without tasting them!

Take the tram to the centre, in Praça da Figueira, right in the heart of Lisbon. The Mouraria’s multiculturalism and the Rossio’s elegance, along with its squares and fountains, are truly points of interest during a short visit to the city. 

In Chiado you will find theatres, churches, typical and modern stores and the bustle of a normal day in a European capital. Nearby, at Largo do Carmo (Carmo Square), you should visit the ruins of the Carmo Convent and its archaeological museum. Then go up to Bairro Alto — one of the most cheerful and charismatic neighborhoods of Lisbon.

Now, we suggest you take the mythical 28 tram to Alfama — one of the neighborhoods that best characterizes the essence of the city. Between its enigmatic alleyways, stairways, courtyards, alleys and its corners life happens always with a song being played somewhere. Take the opportunity to visit it during your lunch time because here is where you will find some of the nicest restaurants in town. Through its typical and unique flavours, they truly express Lisbon’s genuine identity.

But there is a lot more to see in the afternoon! Nearby, stands the Panteão Nacional (National Pantheon) and, if it’s the market day, you will be able to get lost among the different things that are on sale on the famous flea market called Feira da Ladra.

After a busy (but well spent) day in Lisbon, and before coming back to Porto, you deserve some peaceful moments as well. We suggest a visit to the São Jorge Castle. Enjoy the time you have left and visit one of the most beautiful places in the Portuguese capital. Appreciate the beautiful sunset in one of the lovely hills. There are many privileged spots with breathtaking views of the city — the viewpoint São Jorge Castle is one of them.

Along the way, you should taste the famous ginjinha (a liquor made with cherry) in one of the traditional liquor stores that joyfully serve it. After that, we suggest you dine in one of the many typical restaurants located nearby.

You can return to Porto in the 10:35 pm flight. It arrives 1 hour later, and that will give you time to a well-deserved rest.

Destination: Porto, the Douro’s pearl

If your destination is Porto, please take note of our suggestions and use your free time to enjoy what the invicta (invincible) city has to offer — and it’s a lot! It’s not very difficult to be happy here, even if it is only for a short period of time, because Douro’s pretty little girl fascinates us as soon as we arrive!

The first flight with departure to Porto is at 7:05 am, but you can choose the hour that will best suit you, as there are hourly flights until 10:35 pm.

Once in Porto, you can start your day with a nice walk down the Avenida dos Aliados (Allies Avenue). It’s one of the most important avenues in the city and is where are located some of the most impressive buildings, such as the Câmara Municipal do Porto (the City Council). You can take your breakfast here and drink a nice cimbalino (coffee) in one of the many terraces that are scattered throughout the avenue.

Nearby, you will find the São Bento Station. It truly deserves a visit, especially due to the beautiful tiles that decorate its interior — artistically is regarded as one of the most beautiful stations in the country. Not very far, there is another point of interest you just can’t miss — the Sé Cathedral, a Romanesque monument that holds real historical and artistic treasures along with a lovely view to the city.

Still looking at the most charismatic monuments of Porto, we suggest a visit to the Clérigos Tower — an iconic monument from the Baroque times with one of the most beautiful portuenses views.

Now, lunch time! Naturally, we suggest that you choose a good restaurant in order to taste the unique francesinhas. It’s one of the dishes that truly make part of the rich portuense identity and, besides being an essential landmark in the city culture, it’s delicious!

After a beautiful typical meal, take your time and visit the Santa Catarina Street, where is concentrated the most traditional stores as well as part of the city rhythm. Take the opportunity to do some shopping or just to feel the portuense vibe.

Visit the typical Ribeira area (a World Heritage in UNESCO Classification) and enjoy it at one of its charming terraces. Try to cross from one river bank to the other, through the Dom Luís Bridge, preferably at the lovely sunset time — the most symbolic and beautiful view of the city is waiting for you.

To end your day perfectly, we suggest the comfort of a typical portuense dinner, well accompanied by an elegant port wine. Then, you can return to Lisbon in one of our flighs until 9:30 pm.

It’s with great pleasure that we short distances. Enjoy the most of the city that awaits you with TAP air shuttle.

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