A dream vacation by the Mediterranean Sea



Small in size, Tunisia is big in touristic offer. Known for its stunning beaches must-see beaches, this Northern African country is filled with treasures, either cultural, historical, gastronomical or natural, and awaits your visit. Book a trip to Tunisia and…

Sit back and relax, you are in a Mediterranean beach

Beaches are, without a doubt, the main tourist attraction of Tunisian. The hard part will be to choose between the ones in the North, surrounded by vegetation, or the Southern ones, fascinating for their desertic landscapes. There are options for all beach lovers, being Monastir and the island of Djerba some of the most popular. The best part? The water is warm, and the sun shines all year long.

Heritage around the corner

Since beach vacations are guaranteed, why not also enjoy other Tunisian treasures? There are eight places designed by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites: The Medinas of Tunes and Sousse, Ichkeul National Park, and archaeological treasures left by Romans, Phoenicians, Carthaginians and other ancient civilizations that inhabited the territory.


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