Cave de Vinhos

Your visit to Cave dos Vinhos winery is worth miles.
A visit to the Vila Vita Parc Resort & Spa winery, with wine tasting and special dinners: seems to you to be a good way to earn miles?

How to earn miles with Cave de Vinhos.

The amount you spend while tasting the best wines and flavours is transformed into miles!
Visit the winery and enjoy a wine tasting or a special dinner. At the end, don’t forget to show your TAP Miles&Go card and earn five miles for every euro spent. Enjoy your meal!
€1 Spent
5 miles

Terms and conditions

  1. Offer open to all TAP Miles&Go Clients.
  2. Bookings required for a minimum of 6 people and maximum of 12. 
  3. The miles credit request must be made within 6 months of the date of the activity and will be completed within a maximum of 90 days.
  4. Once the miles have been credited to the Client’s Account they cannot be returned.