Continente Card

Use your miles to make purchases or your Continente Card balance to take to the skies.
The Continente Card is the most popular discount Card in the country, with 20 associated brands and more than 2,000 stores where you can use your card. In partnership with the TAP Miles&Go Programme, we have two new give-aways to offer: convert your Continente Card balance into miles or exchange miles for your cash balance.

Get more miles with your Continente Card

Your Continente Card balance can be exchanged for miles using the Continente Card App. 

Now, whenever you shop at brands associated with the Continente Card and present your card, you'll be adding to your balance that can be exchanged for miles using the Continente Card App! These miles can be added to your TAP Miles&Go account and used when flying with us or with our other partners, or you can give them away as a gift to someone special.

See this page to find out how to convert your Continente Card balance into miles and which balance amounts are eligible for conversion. 

Find out how to exchange your balance for miles

  1. Install or go to the Continente Card App (available at Google Play and the App Store).
  2. In the menu, click on “More” and then on “+ Continente Card”, where you will find the option “Miles Store”.
  3. Select the amount of miles you want to see transferred to your TAP Miles&Go Account and click on “Exchange balance for miles”.
  4. In the “TIN” field, enter the TIN associated with your TAP Miles&Go Account (or the TIN associated with the TAP Miles&Go Account of the person being offered those miles).
  5. Then click “Finish” to confirm your transaction.
  6. After completing the transaction on the Continente Card App, check your miles balance in the Client Area of your TAP Miles&Go Account.

Consult the conversion table for balance to miles amounts

Balance amount on Continente Card Miles in TAP Miles&Go Account 
4,99€ 200 miles
29,99€ 1.750 miles
99,99€ 6.500 miles
199,99€ 13.000 miles
299,99€ 21.000 miles

Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions:
  • You must be a Continente Card Client.
  • You must be a TAP Miles&Go Account holder or enrol in the TAP Miles&Go Programme to automatically get your TAP Miles&Go base level.
  • See other TAP Miles&Go Terms and Conditions.
  • See the Continente Card Terms and Conditions at


Conditions for the TAP Miles Store — Continente Card:

  • Purchase levels are offered based on the Client Card balance.
  • The TIN presented is associated with the Continente Card account in question and may be changed. 
  • You must have your most recent TIN on your TAP Miles&Go Account. If you have any questions, please contact us at (+351) 211 234 408. 
  • To offer miles to someone else, simply indicate the TIN associated with the respective TAP Miles&Go Account. 
  • Bonus miles are valid for 3 years from the date they are credited to the TAP Miles&Go Account. 
  • Any miles shall be credited to the TAP Miles&Go account within a maximum of 5 business days. 
  • The credit of miles to a TAP Miles&Go Client Account cannot be reversed or converted into cash.