TAP FLY + Card

Earn miles with TAP FLY + Card

Join the TAP Fly + Card in 10 minutes

Simple and fast
Joining the TAP Fly + Card is even easier now: order online and handle the entire process on your computer or mobile phone. Follow the steps and pay for your vacation in 3 installments while earning miles on all your purchases.

Access the TAP Fly + Card website

When entering the website, click join. You must indicate whether you already have a TAP Miles&Go Account or any promo codes. Then choose the usage limit and the payment method.

Identification and Subscription

Fill out the form with your personal details. You should have your citizen card, proof of address, salary slip, and IBAN with you.

Completion of the digital process

If you decide to complete your subscription online, you will get an email with instructions on how to do it. The device you use must have a camera.