Earn miles with Visateam.

Visateam - Consular Services Ltd, is a consulting company specialised in applying for and obtaining all types of visas (ordinary, short-duration, privileged, etc.).

Take advantage of the experience and know-how of Visateam and earn miles!

Earn miles with Visateam

Earn miles with Visateam.

To earn miles, just go to the Visateam site and get your visa with Visateam. Don’t forget to state your TAP Miles&Go Client number and earn four miles for every €1 spent!

€1 spent
4 miles

Terms and conditions

  1. Offer open to all TAP Miles&Go Clients and their companions (partners/minors).
  2. Valid only for transactions made directly with Visateam.
  3. Miles earned only on the amount charged for Visateam services. Consular and postal costs not included.