Taste the Stars

We show the world the best that Portuguese cuisine has to offer.

Our cuisine is unique. 

Here, the flavours have been perfected over eight centuries. The seasonings crossed the oceans to reach our dishes. The wines climbed mountains and painted magnificent landscapes.

Because our cuisine is Portugal and TAP is Portugal, we challenged five of the best Portuguese chefs to bring our best dishes to our clients and to the entire world.

Henrique Sá Pessoa, Ricardo Costa, Rui Paula, Tiago Bonito and our own Chef Vítor Sobral will be ambassadors of our national cuisine, which will be from now served on board our flights.
Chef of the month
Ricardo Costa
With two Michelin Stars and many other awards, Ricardo Costa is passionate about Portuguese cuisine and aims to present the finest Portuguese culinary traditions and products with a contemporary approach and innovative techniques. 
Chef of the month
Rui Paula
From Portugal’s Tras-os-Montes region, his focus on his Casa de Chá da Boa Nova restaurant earned him a first Michelin Star. A chef who seeks out the most modern and avant-garde trends, without ever losing genuine flavour and memory as the main source of inspiration. 
Chef of the month
Vítor Sobral
Holds the title of Commander and, for this reason, he does not need any presentation. He leads the most international Portuguese catering group with restaurants in Portugal and Brazil. He is seen as the professional who changed national kitchens and catering.
Chef of the month
Henrique Sá Pessoa
He travelled around the world and brought flavours and influences to Lisbon that help him to explore traditional Portuguese cooking. For him, there is only good cooking and bad cooking, so he dedicates his life to creating meals of refined taste, perfect technique and excellent end product.
Chef of the month
Tiago Bonito
He won his first Michelin Star at age 30 at the Largo do Paço restaurant (Amarante). His creations tell a whole story, standing out for the originality and authenticity of the flavors.