Chef Rui Paula

Rui Paula

Rui Paula hails from Porto, but he comes from a family with its roots in Trás-os-Montes. It was these roots that sparked his passion for cooking. He was inspired by the pride and quirkiness of his grandmother who taught him to cook. He decided to make it his career, he travelled to other countries, learned his trade in other kitchens, discovered new products and worked with the best chefs and in Michelin-starred restaurants. In 16 years, he absorbed everything he could and brought it together with his creativeness to develop his own cuisine.                      
With three restaurants (Restaurante DOC, Douro, Restaurante DOP, Porto e a Casa de Chá da Boa Nova, Leça da Palmeira), he won his Michelin star at his restaurant, the Casa de Chá da Boa Nova in Leça da Palmeira in a Siza Vieira building by the sea. 

Chef Rui Paula´s dishes recall his origins, preserving the ¬avours, textures, aromas and colours in surprising and original recreations. His dishes are considered an indispensable reference os modern cuisine for their simplicity, originality and humour that re¬ect his personality.


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