Rescheduling and refunding

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Conditions for free change and additional discount


For extraordinary times, extraordinary solutions. We are offering more flexibility, more value, more time and peace of mind to manage your reservation.

Rescheduling is even easier! For tickets issued between September 25 and November 30 of 2020, with an original travel date from September 25 to December 14 of 2020 or from January 16 to March 15 of 2021 also have access to more flexibility and can take advantage of a free change.

As of September 1, 2020, there is also the alternative, if your flight is cancelled, of opting for a refund through a voucher, where we are offering an additional 10% to the amount of the voucher.

Confirm all the conditions below.

Want to reschedule your trip?
    Click on Manage Booking to reschedule online and for free, paying only the fare difference, if applicable.

    See here how to reschedule your journey.
  • Valid for tickets issued between 25 September and 30 November 2020, with original travel dates between 25 September 2020 and 14 December 2020 or between 16 January and 15 March 2021;
  • Change must be made 21 days prior to the date of the first flight;
  • Free change fee, but fare differential is charged when applicable;
  • One free change per reservation, subsequent changes are charged in accordance to fare rules;
  • New travel date must be prior to 30 June 2021 or within the validity of the ticket, restriction is applies to the date that is the first to expire;
  • Valid only for reservations in which no flight has been flown;
  • Valid for TAP operated flights;
  • The validity period of the ticket cannot be extended;
  • Valid for Corporate tickets.
Want a refund through voucher?
    We are offering an additional 10% of the voucher. Opt for the voucher and save time to plan your trip and choose your destination with complete peace of mind and confidence.

    See here how to request your voucher.
Conditions for the issuance of vouchers with additional 10% of the value
  • Valid for requested made as of September 1, 2020, in which a flight has been cancelled;
  • The issuance of the voucher for the total amount of the ticket is applicable to tickets where no route of the ticket has yet been used;
  • Additional amount is calculated based on the original amount of the voucher. For example, if you were originally going to receive 100EUR the voucher will be issued in the total amount of 110EUR;
  • Applicable to tickets paid with cash, including Corporate tickets;
  • Additional value is not valid for tickets that have been paid for with vouchers.
For miles tickets purchased under the TAP Miles & Go Program, the request must be made through the Contact Center. In this case, all the miles will be refunded to the Client’s account and all the amounts paid in cash will be refunded by voucher, without charging the cancellation fee.

Using the voucher:
  • Vouchers issued as of June 8 have a validity of 1 year;
  • The voucher will be valid for the payment of ticket(s) and/or TAP service(s);
  • The voucher can be used for an online purchase at;
  • The amount of the voucher does not need to be used all at once, it can be deducted until the total amount of the voucher is used.

Other forms of refund
    If you want the refund to be made in the same way the ticket was paid or via bank transfer, the request must be made through our Contact Center.
Important information
We ask that you contact us, by phone, only if you are unable to use our website and if your trip is scheduled for the next 72 hours.

If you ticket is within the conditions mentioned on this page, we recommend that the free change of your ticket or the request of the refund voucher be made online through Manage Booking.

Our Contact Center is receiving an extremely high amount of calls and regret the inconvenience that this situation may cause our passengers. We are making every effort to help all our Clients. To ensure that our response is swift as possible, please use our various online platforms, such as the website, our social networks and live chat.