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City Sightseeing tours: a panoramic view of the city

Porto, Portugal

Visit Porto in a panoramic bus

Stopover in Porto

15% discount on a panoramic bus trip and Port wine tasting (Boeira; Poças; or Real Companhia Velha)
Feel the traditional magic of Porto aboard a panoramic bus, and get to know the city outdoors.
  • Ride the famous red convertible buses that take you to the most attractive points of the city.
  • Discover the most imposing monuments, the most charming gardens, the most striking streets, part of the true root of the good northern people. Above all, discover a unique and extremely welcoming city, full of history and beauty.
  • The panoramic circuit in the cities of Porto and Gaia offers two lines (red and blue).

Points of interest

Check here where you will go through, aboard the scenic bus

Length of Visit

  • 1 hour and 40 minutes


  • Red line
WINTER | October - June (9: 15 am - 6:15 pm)
SUMMER | July - September (9 am - 6 pm)
  • Blue line
WINTER | October - June (9: 30 AM - 5:30 PM)
SUMMER | July - September (9: 10 AM - 6:10 PM)
No service is performed on 25th December


“Panoramic Bus and 6 Bridges Cruise” Combo Package: €28
  • 1 day
Adults: €18
Children: €9
Children 0 - 3 years old: Free
  • 2 days
Adults: €20
Children: €10
Children 0 - 3 years old: Free