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Answers to your questions about luggage during your whole journey.

I want to send goods with TAP. How is the volumetric weight of my consignment calculated?

The cubic volume of a consignment is established by applying the greatest length, width, height of the consignment and its packaging. If the volume calculated exceeds 6000 cubic centimetres per kilogramme, the consignment will be charged based on its actual volume.

Which charges do I have to pay when picking up the consignment?

Charges can vary depending on the country and the handling agent. We advise you to contact the branch office at your destination.

Can I request transport of paints, batteries or other dangerous cargo?

Yes, within the rules of safety and air transport. Please contact the TAP branch office here or Contact Center, or your cargo agent.

Does TAP accept consignments that require negative temperature control?

Yes. TAP has extensive experience in this kind of consignment and ensures transport in suitable containers, with positive or negative temperature control.

Can I insure my consignment?

Yes. When the Air Waybill is issued, insurance for your consignment can be carried out. The Air Waybill can be used as proof of an Insurance Policy, when the respective premium is charged.

Can I pay for shipping at my destination?

Yes. According to local legislation, transport charges can be paid at destination, except perishable cargo, live animals, and human remains.

Does TAP offer packaging for stowing?

The shipper is responsible for ensuring that the cargo is packed in an appropriate way for carriage and according to the nature of the goods.

What proof will I have that transport has been paid?

The Air Waybill can be used as invoice/receipt.

What documents are required for transport?

Requirements can change according to the destination or nature of the goods. We advise you to contact the delegation of destination.

Is fumigation of wooden packaging compulsory?

Yes. In the case of movement of wooden packaging from third countries (non UE) or between the UE and third countries, in both directions, ISPM No. 15 applies.That is, packaging material must be marked with the "IPPC logo", certifying treatment.

This standard was established and agreed within the World Organization for Food and Agriculture (FAO) through the International Plant Protection Convention, and applies to packages made from any kind of wood.With few exceptions, every country in the world has adopted the above standard. Bearing this in mind, packages that do not comply with this requirement are considered illegal and will be either destroyed or treated, and the company will notify the official plant protection services of the dispatching countries of the incident.

Does TAP provide its own personal containers for transporting animals?

Yes. For dogs and cats,TAP offers 4 models for sale at prices below market value.

What will the chargeable weight of my consignment be?

The chargeable weight will be the actual gross weight or volume weight, whichever is highest.

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