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Why do prices vary for the same flights at different times?

One of the factors that influences the price of our flights is demand by route and schedule. So, two flights between the same points may have different prices because one is on a schedule that has greater demand.

I've selected a fare and the return flights have red flags on them. What does this mean?

It means that the selected rate for the outward flight can only be combined with specific rates for the return flight. These rates are indiated with a red flag.

How do I know if my ticket allows alterations and cancellations?

You can check the changes/cancellation terms of your flight:
  • On the selection page, in “Conditions for Changes and Refunds” under “Conditions Summary”
  • On the purchase page, in “Fare Conditions” under the section “Flight Conditions”
  • On the confirmation page of your reservation
  • On the confirmation email

If you need any other kind of information regarding your ticket, please contact TAP.

What are "fare conditions"?

There are pricing conditions associated with all tickets, which determine the different existing prices. The most common conditions are those related to the changes/cancellation of your reservation.

What are Residents fares?

TAP offers special fares to:
  • Portuguese citizens who have lived for at least 6 months in the Autonomous Region of Azores, when travelling to the mainland and/or Madeira;
  • Portuguese citizens living in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, when travelling to Azores or having a valid Employment Contract for at least a year.
For more information click here.

How do I know if I'm choosing Economy or Executive Class?

In the "Conditions" section of the booking process, you will be informed which class you are booked into.

What happens if I click "get all TAP/executive benefits"?

There could be restrictive fares within the tap|executive product. If you’ve selected one, you will be given the chance to change your selection to a non-restrictive fare.

Just click “Get all tap|executive advantages” and your itinerary will be recalculated for a non-restrictive fare (if available).

What is aviation carbon offset?

Each passenger can pay to offset the emissions caused by their share of the flight’s emissions, contributing to help the environment.

Contributing to carbon offsetting is not mandatory, and once paid there is no refund.

TAP doesn’t benefit from this programme. The contribution will be donated to projects certified by the United Nations. If you’re interested, please select the option “CO2 Emission Offset”, in the “Total Amount” section.

More info here.

Is carbon offsetting already included in the total price?

If you select this option in the booking process, the total price will be recalculated to include your offset.

Are there any service fees?

Yes. Service fees are applicable on online bookings, when the ticket is issued. You can find all information about service fees here.

What is the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund Fee?

Danish Law states that all passengers buying an air ticket in Denmark must be given the option to purchase the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund Fee which is administered by the ‘Rejsegarantifonden’ (RGF), an entity owned by the Danish Government.

If you select this option, the total price will be recalculated to include the tax.

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