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Wait for your flight in exclusive access lounges

Fly with TAP and enjoy access to more than 60 airport lounges located in different parts of the world.

Access lounges with TAP

When traveling with TAP, you have access to more than 60 lounges around the world, including TAP's Premium Lounge where you'll feel like a star! This access is free for premium passengers, and can be purchased if your fare or status does not include this service.

In our lounges you can relax or work in comfort and privacy while waiting for your flight, enjoying access to the following amenities:

Composition with a white and light blue background. In the center, on a one-legged table, a bottle and a bowl with a bunch of grapes. All elements have a white background and a green outline. To the left, in the background, a green glass with a red liquid. To the right, a green tablet with a white screen and the wi-fi symbol in pink.
Leisure and meals

Exclusive spaces perfect for relaxing, with free meals and drinks.

Work Areas

Quiet workspaces equipped with computers, printers, and Wi-Fi.

More amenities

Private bathrooms and showers.

How to access lounges with TAP?

Feel like a star

Welcome to the reopening of the TAP Premium Lounge! Discover our space:
Located at Lisbon airport
in the Schengen area
Opening hours
5.00 a.m. – 12.00 p.m.
320 seated places

Relax and enjoy the services we have for you


Enjoy new Portuguese hot and cold dishes, with more fresh products.


Available throughout the Lounge, you will be able to use the Wi-Fi network free of charge, whether it be for work or entertainment.

Bar service

Enjoy a social moment animated by our offer of national and international drinks, and cocktails made by our barmen.

Know the rules of conduct of the TAP Premium Lounge

TAP is pleased to welcome you to the TAP Premium Lounge before your next trip departing from Lisbon.
Your cooperation and compliance with the rules below will guarantee you greater comfort so that you can fully enjoy the available services. Your trip starts here.

The following is forbidden:

  • Entering the TAP Premium Lounge without prior verification of eligibility
  • Entry of passengers without an identification document
  • Entry of unaccompanied minors
  • Entry of animals, except for animals duly authorized and documented, which cannot be removed from the carriers in which they are transported (except for guide dogs)
  • Consuming drinks or food other than those available in the TAP Premium Lounge
  • Consuming any food or drink purchased outside the TAP Premium Lounge
  • Removing crockery and/or any other object from the TAP Premium Lounge
  • Lying down and/or resting your feet on the sofas or tables
  • Smoking, including electronic cigarettes
  • Walking around the TAP Premium Lounge barefoot and/or in underwear
  • Using devices whose sound disturbs the tranquility of the environment inside the TAP Premium Lounge
  • Capturing images or videos inside the TAP Premium Lounge without the proper authorization of TAP Air Portugal
  • The consumption, by minors, of alcoholic beverages as it is dictated by the terms of the current law
  • The use of any type of illegal object
  • The consumption of any type of illegal substance
  • The adoption of any illegal action or behavior
  • The adoption of any inappropriate behavior, such as drunkenness, rude attitudes, aggressive attitudes or any act considered harmful and/or inappropriate for the environment and normal functioning of the TAP Premium Lounge
  • Making it difficult for employees to perform their duties and/or refusing to comply with their instructions.

It is the client's duty to:
  • Take care of the TAP Premium Lounge property, preventing damage to any object
  • Respect the cleanliness and organization of the TAP Premium Lounge
  • Be responsible for their own personal objects, documents and belongings in general
  • Adopt an appropriate behavior and ensure a peaceful environment at the TAP Premium Lounge
  • Consume any alcoholic beverage in a manner that is moderate and responsible
  • Pay attention to their own flight boarding time.


TAP Premium Lounge employees reserve the right to ask clients who do not comply with the rules and duties described above to leave, and, if deemed appropriate, request the intervention of the Police.

Thinking about you

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