Causes with Wings

With TAP, your mission flies higher

Donating miles helps give wings

Part of the TAP Miles&Go Programme, TAP Donate Miles is TAP’s social responsibility initiative that enables clients to donate miles to partner bodies than can subsequently exchange them for travel, bringing help to those who need it most.

The campaign for new partners has been a success, with more than 100 applications received from charitable institutions and organisations in Portugal, Brazil and Africa. Owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, we would like to inform you that the program is suspended as regards the entry of new organizations. Applications submitted in January 2020 remain valid. We would like to thank you for your support and understanding as we maintain our commitment to continue bringing good causes on board.


Mile by mile, we are helping good causes

Donate your miles to the six TAP Donate Miles partners, thus helping us taking good causes on our wings! Learn about TAP's partners and choose the cause you want to support.
1. Join the TAP Miles&Go Programme
Log in to your account.
2. Select the entity
Select donate miles and decide who will receive your donation.
3. Thank you!
You have given wings to a good cause!
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Donate miles
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TAP Donate Miles
Children's Day can be every day with your help
Donate your miles and help Corações Com Coroa (Hearts with a Crown) change the lives of hundreds of children and young people.
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Miles donation
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Miles donation
Solidarity routes in 2021
See where the miles donated by TAP Miles&Go customers to the six TAP Donate Miles partners went.

Terms and conditions

  1. Your donated miles cannot be refunded.
  2. This donation is not eligible for tax benefits.
  3. This campaign is valid all year long and is open to TAP Miles&Go Clients who have enough miles to donate.