Flight extras

TAP offers several extra services on each flight that can provide you with a unique experience.

All the convenience for your trip

Illustration with various elements: in the center, a white plane seat with a dark green outline. On the left, a red listening device and green headphones. On the right, a green bottle of wine with a red label and a green glass with a red liquid.
    • 3 different ways to upgrade;
    • By bidding, by miles or at the airport;
    • More comfort.
Hold baggage
    • For passengers flying on tap|discount to Europe and North Africa
    • Available from €20 / $25 / 30 CAD or 6.000 miles;
    • Don't leave anything behind and take all your assets with you!
Illustration composed of three elements. In the foreground, in the center, a hold case with wheels, superimposed, in the upper right corner, by a seal with the indication "+." In the background, you can see a trip bag on the left, and a folder with a handle on the right.
Extra checked baggage
    • Book one extra piece of baggage with maximum weight of 23 kg / 50 lbs and 158 cm / 62 in;
    • from €45 / $55 / 65 CAD or 11.000 miles for Europe and North Africa flights;
    • from €60 / $70 / 90 CAD or 17.000 miles for Intercontinental flights.
Seat Reservation

    Book early and save up to 50%

    • Standard Area - Most economic travel.
    • EconomyXtra or Preferential Area - With extra space, reclining chairs with headrest adjustment, tablet holder, access to power supply and USB connection. 
    • Extra Legroom Area / Emergency exit - More legroom!

    Available from € 4 / $ 5 / 6 CAD or 1.500 miles.

Illustration with white and light blue background, displaying 3 elements. To the center, highlighted, a white surfboard with dark green outlining. To the left, a bicycle, and to the right, a bag with golf clubs, both colored in pink and green tones.
Sports equipment
    • Safe transport in the hold;
    • Prices depend on the type of equipment;
    • There are specific transport conditions for each type of equipment;
    • Available from 40€ / $50 / 65CAD and 8000 miles.
Illustration with three elements: In the center, an information board with iconography showing the departures from the airport. On the board, a red stamp with two white arrows depicting the Fast track service. To the right below, a TAP ticket in red and light green hues. To the right, a light green passport.
Fast Track
    • Faster and easier access to the boarding gate;
    • Priority at the security and X-ray check;
    • The service is called Green Way in Portuguese airports.
    • Available from 14 € / $ 17/ 22 CAD or 2,900 miles.
Composition with a white and light blue background. In the center, on a one-legged table, a bottle and a bowl with a bunch of grapes. All elements have a white background and a green outline. To the left, in the background, a green glass with a red liquid. To the right, a green tablet with a white screen and the wi-fi symbol in pink.
    • A more comfortable wait;
    • Rest or working area;
    • Available as an extra for tap|discount, tap|basic, tap|classic and tap|plus products;
    • Available from 25 € / $ 32/44 CAD or 4,950 miles.
Special meals
    • Meals adapted to a wide range of special diets;
    • Includes food allergy options;
    • Specific options for babies and children.
Illustration with white and light blue background, showing in the center, highlighted, the figures of a dog and a cat colored in shades of green.
Miles&Go Pets
    2 ways to book your pet's transport. Book with:
    • Cash and earn 250 or 500 miles.
    • Miles, starting with 7,000 miles.