Even when up in the clouds, you can access the Internet and travel to other worlds.

Stay connected up here to your loved ones down there

When traveling, tell your family and friends your estimated time of arrival through written messages, send work emails, or simply tell your friends on social media that you are traveling on TAP.

It is now much easier to stay connected to the world while you are in the clouds!

Free Messaging on Wi-Fi network

TAP offers web based messaging on long haul flights for all clients in this aircraft, for free.

Stay connected up here

Our Mobile & Wi-Fi service allows you to stay connected to your business, family and friends via email, text messaging, calls and social media.

2 ways to stay connected 

1- WI-FI

To connect to our mobile network, just follow three simple steps:
Enable Wi-Fi on your device.
Connect to Wi-Fi network.
Launch your browser and go to


  • Free Messaging
  • Total control of costs
  • Multiple payment options are supported - CC, paypal, ipass, etc. 
  • Different packages available according to your needs.

2 - GSM 3G/4G

Available 15 minuts after take off. To connect to our mobile network, just follow three simple steps:
Switch OFF Airplane mode and Wi-Fi.
Turn ON Cellular Data and Data Roaming. You will be connected automatically.
Otherwise, manually select the AeroMobile.
Once you are connected you will receive a welcome message.
 International roaming charges apply.


  • Easy - just turn off the airplane mode and Wi-Fi 15m after takeoff. 
  • Make sure that you have roaming activated.
  • No credit card, registration process or logins are needed. Just use it like you are on the ground.
  • Your operator will charge you and the cost of the communications are included in phone the bill. 
  • You pay just the the data that you use.
  • SMS are supported
  • You can access your voice mail.