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In-flight entertainment

Fall in love with a romantic movie, relax with your favorite music or dream with the paradisaical places you'll find on our on-board TV shows.

Have we arrived already?

A long flight has never seemed so short! You won’t even notice the time flying by with our range of entertainment. Shall we begin this journey?
Adventure, comedy, romance or action, what do you fancy?

Sit back, relax and watch a film. Explore our selection. We have a huge list of more than 100 award-winning movies, including the latest Hollywood releases, classics, animations and the best of independent cinema.

What do you have to do? Select the film, put the headphones on and fly with the chosen film. It’s simple, and you won’t even notice the time flying by.

A couple of passengers, sitting on the green Economic Class chairs, in an environment with plenty of natural light. They are eagerly watching a TV show aboard, on the passenger's chair screen, with the headphones put on.
Learn, discover and have fun even when you are up in the clouds!

Take the opportunity and discover Portugal from north to south! We have several programs teeming with magnificent images and tips so that no beautiful nook of our country eludes you. Unmissable!
We also have several entertainment programs covering sport, lifestyle, cooking, travel, technology and nature, not to mention concerts and documentaries.

Don’t worry if you are a fan of television series, because we have hours of entertainment with box sets of the best television shows! Have a good time!

Passenger reclining in a comfortable and spacious Executive Class chair, in a calm and dark environment, with nobody around her. She is relaxed with her eyes closed, listening to music with the TAP headphones put on.
Do you feel like relaxing and listening to music? We have just what you need.

A soundtrack custom made especially for you. Passengers have more than 1,000 songs they can choose, from 120 albums, to create their own personal playlist to listen to during the flight. Choose a radio station or create your playlist, sit back and relax until you reach your destination.

There is also music to entertain children. There is a special channel just for children. They’ll love it!

Some passengers who are a couple, are sitting in more spacious and comfortable chairs in Executive Class, in an environment with plenty of natural light, and without people around them. The male passenger is happy while typing on his computer, on the backup table of his chair. The female passenger is smiling, with a tablet in her hands, while looking at the passenger's computer.
Take magazines and newspapers on your trip without having to carry them.

Why not carry newspapers and magazines on your mobile device without weighing down your luggage? TAP has a totally free service that lets you download newspapers and magazines and read them offline during the flight. Access to media content in digital format not only offers you greater comfort when traveling but it also contributes to a greener environment, which TAP is strongly committed to.

See the number of publications that your TAP product allows you to download here. Find out more about Digital Kiosk here.

Download Guide
Download Guide
Find the ideal show in our Entertainment Guide!
See the catalog for this month and plan the entertainment program of your trip.

Highlights on board

Always take TAP with you!

TAP has gone digital and will be always by your side.
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Download to iOS
For smartphone and tablet
TAP App Media
Take all the news with you and download your favorite newspapers and magazines to read during the trip!
Download to iOS
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Find out more
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See, customize, manage your booking and access the Digital Kiosk in an easier way, and enjoy an app that will track every moment of your trip.

A trip dedicated to children

Children will not even notice the arrival at the destination and will hardly want to leave our planes!
See catalog
See catalog
For our most demanding audience!
On board of our planes we have the best animated films and shows and also a music channel dedicated to kids!

The trip will become more magical with the Disney studios! Watch or review films like Ratatouille, The Jungle Book and Enchanted.

Keep connected to the world

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WiFi on board
The Internet boards the plane with you. You can stay connected to the world while you’re up in the clouds!
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Electronic devices
Is technology your best friend? Take it with you on the plane!
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