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Discover all the check-in options you can choose from.

Where can I check-in at the airport?

It’s possible to check in at the airport:
  • At a check-in desk;
  • At a self check-in kiosk.
Remember to check the check-in times so you'll not be delayed.

Can I self check in at the airport?

There are kiosks in the majority of the airports TAP flies to, where you can choose your seat and get your boarding card in just a few seconds.

At some airports you can also print out your bag claim tags.

More information here.

I used a self-service kiosk to check in. Where should I leave my checked luggage?

After self check-in, you can leave your bag at the drop-off desks available in all airports where TAP kiosks are available.

What are the flight check-in deadlines at the airport?

Please check the different check-in times for all TAP flights here.

Is airport check-in available for flights operated by other airlines?

Each airline has its own check-in counter and channels.

If you are travelling with TAP, please check all available information here.

How do I get priority check-in?

Priority check-in is available at dedicated counters in all airports (in Lisbon, counters 1 to 5 in our Premium Area) for:
  • Passengers travelling in TAP Executive or TAP Plus;
  • Passengers with TAP Miles&Go Silver or Gold cards.
And also in the airports of mainland Portugal, for passengers who are not travelling in TAP Discount and have these cards:
  • TAP Corporate top;
  • TAP Platinum Visa;
  • TAP VISA Gold;
  • TAP HSBC Cartão Brasil;
  • Caixa Totta TAP Gold.

What documentation do I need to check in at the airport?

You must bring:
  • Your e-ticket or booking reference;
  • Your national ID card or passport.

All the documents required must be valid to avoid problems at the airport.

Travelling with children sometimes requires additional information. Please contact our Contact Center for further information.

What is an e-kiosk?

E-kiosks are check-in terminals that allow you to:
  • Do your own check-in
  • Print out your boarding pass;
  • Leave your bag at a drop-off counter.
If you are travelling with TAP you can use our kiosks instead of a normal check-in desk.

How can I avoid airport check-in?

TAP offers several ways to check in, allowing you to travel comfortably and avoid long waits at the airport, especially at busy times.

These check-in tools allow passengers to print their boarding card or save it on their phone.

Passengers can check-in online or via more check-in options: try it out!

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