Check-in options

Automatic check-in

TAP can handle your check-in for you. Save time.

Easy, practical and hassle-free

Focus on what’s really important: your trip. 

Give us your contact details with your booking and we’ll take care of everything and send you your boarding card while you dream about your destination.

It is important to provide your personal contact details including your email and phone number when you book.
Without this information we won’t be able to send you your boarding pass.


General terms and conditions

Availability of automatic check-in:
  • Passengers with a confirmed booking.
  • If you are travelling without baggage you can proceed directly to the gate. 
  • If you have hold baggage, leave it at the drop-off desk at the airport.
  • To ensure that flights leave on time, the gate is closed 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time. 
  • Available 24 hours before departure.

Restrictions on automatic check-in:

The law in some countries requires us to obtain certain additional information. Automatic check-in is only allowed if these details are included in your booking. We advise you to give as much information as possible in your booking.

If you are leaving or entering the Schengen area, it is necessary to provide additional information, such as passport details. See a list of the Schengen countries here.

Important Information
At Abidjan, Accra, Casablanca, Moscow, Lomé, Praia, Marrakech, Tangier and São Vicente airports you must collect your boarding card at the airport, even if you have received automatic check-in confirmation by text message or email.