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TAP is the ideal partner for organising congresses and conferences. Our flexible products and services are adjustable to the type of event and the numbers attending.

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Those attending these events and the organisers can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Discounts of up to 15% on airfares for organisers, participants and travel companions;
  • Online bookings;
  • Flexibility in choosing travel dates and times, with a travel window of 10 days before and after the event date;
  • Mention of the event on our website, which has more than two million visits a month;
  • It is also mentioned in UP Magazine;
  • 85 destinations in 36 countries to choose where to hold the event;
  • Contact us by email to and find the answers to all your questions and organise the event with us.

Events calendar

Calendar of events where TAP is the official carrier.

March 2019

Event name Dates Location No. of Delegates Find out more
ACISO 07 to 09 March Fátima 95  
Annual International (bio)Medical Students Meeting 15 to 17 March Lisbon 900  
MUN+351 19 to 21 March Porto/Lisbon 300  
III Encontro Internacional de Novos Paradigmas no Nascimento 21 to 22 March Gondomar 250  
PIXE2019 24 to 29 March Caldas da Rainha 150  
Lisbon MUN Conference 29 to 31 March Lisbon     

April 2019

Event name Dates Location No. of Delegates Find out more
Semana Lusófona de Farmácia Hospitalar, SLFH | 2019 08 to 12 April Lisbon 60  
21st Conference of the European  Bird Census Council EBCC 8 to 13 April Lisbon  

May 2019

Event name Dates Location No. of Delegates Find out more
25th IIBA Conference 22 to 26 May Lisbon     
10th International 5-A-Side Aviation Cup 2019 24 to 27 May Lagoa 84  
9º Congresso Rodoviário Português 28 to 30 May Lisboa 400  
European Climate Change Adaptation Conference (ECCA) 28 to 30 May Lisboa 120  
The Plastics Heritage Congress 2019, sob o tema Plastics Heritage: History, Limits and Possibilities 29 to 31 May Lisboa 200  
II Conferência Preparatória Brasileiros no Mundo (II CpBM) 28 May a 01 June Lisboa 200  

June 2019

Event name Dates Location No. of Delegates Find out more
IV Encontro  Luso-brasileiro Trabalho Docente e Formação de Professores 03 to 05 June Lisbon 300  
IAU Symposium 352: Uncovering early galaxy evolution in the ALMA and JWST era 03 to 06 June Viana do Castelo 200  
ECA 2019 - Congresso Europeu de Atuários 06 to 07 June Lisbon 180  
ICCS Meeting 2019 - International Conference  on Computational Science 12 to 14 June Lisbon     
Academia ALCF | 2019 17 to 21 June Lisbon 60  
ICOT 2019 - Congresso Internacional do Turismo 24 to 29 June Braga/Porto 200  
International Convention of Jehovah's Witnesses 28 to 30 June Lisbon 700  

July 2019

Event name Dates Location No. of Delegates Find out more
CIBIA 2019 - XII Congresso Iberoamericano de Engenharia de Alimentos 01 to 07 July Faro 300  
AMB World Volleyball Masters 11 to 14 July Espinho 200  
International Talent Competition 18 to 20 July Lisbon 1000  
Festival Internacional de Música de Marvão 19 to 28 July Lisbon 300  
ICSA 2019- - 4th International Conference on Structure and Architecture 24 to 26 July Lisbon 300