TAP has a new route, a trip through time

And a new destination, the 1970s. A unique trip, with the memories of an unforgettable decade on board.

A journey to the past on the new A330 Retrojet

With the arrival of new planes for our fleet, we want to transport our passengers to a decade that is much missed by the world, and which is also one of the most important decades in TAP’s history.

This is why the inspiration for the paint job, of one of the new planes, was TAP’s first Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet that took on its maiden flight in 1972. Just like the one in that time, it will be named — “Portugal”. 
We will also recreate the 1970s on some special flights to Miami, Toronto, São Paulo, Luanda and Rio de Janeiro, with retro surprises and details alluding to the charm of that period. 

The 600 year anniversary of the Discovery of the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo

Celebrating the 600 year anniversary of the Discovery of the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo, in 2018 and 2019, TAP is taking part in the festivities and, for this reason, on the June 2, our Retro flight is going to Funchal, making a debut to a Portuguese destination.

Fasten your seat belt and enjoy the trip on the wings of memory lane, on board the past with a view of the future.

In a decade that was a turning point, TAP was in step with the change

The 1970s shook up Portugal and the world with historical, social and cultural transformations, and new lifestyles. It was a time of change for everybody, including for TAP.
New uniforms designed by French fashion designer Louis Féraud were presented.
The company’s services were transferred to the new facilities, at Lisbon airport.
The Porto-Paris line was inaugurated.
Boston was included on the New York route.
Operations involving jet planes between Lisbon and Lourenço Marques began.
The Golden Medal for Tourism was received.
The company was nationalised.
A modernisation programme was implemented and the company changed its name to: TAP Air Portugal.

Shall we travel in time?

Our destination is the memory of one of the most exciting ever decades! Let’s relive the '70s experience together. Do you want to know how?
On land
The experience starts when checking-in with the recreation of every detail of that time.
Passengers will be welcomed by our crew dressed in the uniforms used in that era, wearing the same smiles as always.
A taste of the past
Meals will be made and served exactly as they were in the '70s and will have the special touch of invited chefs.
Music and cinema of the time
For on board entertainment, we have chosen the most famous music and films of the decade.