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How can I know if my ticket is refundable?

This information can be found in the ticket conditions provided in the confirmation e-mail sent by TAP. It can also be found here.

When I don't want to travel and my reservation is active, can I request the refund of the ticket online?

Yes. You can make the online request in this page.

What should I do if my flight has been cancelled by TAP? Can I get a refund? How can it be requested?

Opt for a refund by voucher and it can be requested here. It will be for the full amount of the unsed ticket and we will also offer you an additional 10%. If you wish to be refunded in the original form of payment, you may request the refund here. More information here.

Under what conditions is it possible to request a refund?

To apply for a refund via FLYTAP, you must have made your purchase through one of TAP’s sales channels (Contact Centre, Desks or FLYTAP)

Are there any restrictions on online refunds?

Yes. Online refund is not available for:
  • The social mobility subsidy request (Madeira);
  • Tickets issued by travel agencies.

I bought my ticket from a travel agency. Can I ask for an online refund?

No. Tickets issued by travel agencies can only be refunded by travel agencies.

What is the time limit for ticket refund requests?

Ticket refund requests can be made at any time up to one year after the date the ticket is issued.

How will I receive my refund and how long will it take to process?

The refund will be processed in 7 days for payments made through credit card. If you purchased the ticket with a debit card, the refund will be processed by bank transfer in 21 days.

What happens with my booking once the refund process is activated?

All flights on your booking are cancelled immediately the refund request is confirmed.

If my booking is active, do I have to pay a fee for the refund?

Please find all information about the service charge applicable to your refund request here.

Can I request a refund for a TAP Miles&Go Award Ticket?

It is not possible to refund TAP Miles&Go Award Tickets online. To apply for a refund you must contact the TAP Miles&Go Service Centre.

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