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eTaxfree Portugal is an online app through which you can recover part of the VAT you paid on purchases made while in Portugal. If you live outside the European Union and are visiting Portugal, you should know that you can get a VAT refund on the purchases you make during your stay. eTaxfree Portugal only applies when you leave the European Union from Portugal, and only on purchases made in Portugal.

When you leave Portugal, head to the electronic terminal (kiosk) in the Customs area at the airport and after check-in with: 
  • The identity document you used when making the purchase;
  • Boarding document (e.g. boarding card);
  • Till receipt;
  • The goods and corresponding invoices.
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Exemption from VAT is applicable in the following conditions:

  • For residents of countries outside the European Union;
  • Purchases are not of a commercial nature and their value, per invoice, is not less than €50 (without VAT);
  • That you leave the European Union with the goods in your personal luggage before the third month after the date of purchase;
  • At the time of purchase, you must present your passport or other officially recognised document that is valid proof of residence outside the European Union;
  • At the end of the transaction, after asking for your details to apply for the exemption, the seller will provide you with proof of purchase with the respective record number. If a guarantee has been included, it will define the refund terms.
In case of doubt you can contact the Tax Authority in a number of ways. 
The Finances Web Portal provides access to all information about paying VAT on purchases made in Portugal. Just go to and then to the page on this topic: Portal das Finanças > Cidadãos > Portuguese Tax System > eTaxfree Portugal – Information
If you prefer to use the e-counter services, then ask the question directly on the platform, go to and select: Contacte-nos > Informações a Não Residentes e Entidades Públicas
You can also call the Tax Authority directly at: (+351) 217 206 707 from 9am to 7pm, Monday to Friday.

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